My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. (Psalms 62:5)

Dr. Joseph K. Myers, Ph.D.

"He is very helpful. He always wanted to help and
 make sure everyone was understanding the material.
 He also explained the math very well and in a way
 that I could understand it. He always responded
 quickly to my emails. I am going to recommend my
 friends to take classes from him. He has been a
very helpful and excellent professor."
—Business Calculus student comment

Personal mottos

  1. Service and purpose: The greatest things you will do in life are the things that no one asked you to do and no one paid you to do, but which God laid on your heart.
  2. Humility and patience: Your dream of becoming the teacher of your teachers tomorrow can only come true if you begin by being the student of your students today.
  3. Creativity and excellence: Good things are too good to fit into a template.

Would God give a blind person something ugly just because the blind person couldn't see it to know the difference?

If we want to reflect God's character, we likewise have to achieve a level of excellence that is beyond the level of which anyone but God is aware.


Honors and awards

Selected publications



My teaching quality and effectiveness is placed at the highest percentile, 99.9%, by independent statistical analysis from over 25,000 evaluations of college professors. I teach a variety of university mathematics and statistics courses. I have also tutored over 5,000 students, starting with those with disabilities, and continuing to tutor challenged and disadvantaged students and minorities at least 10 hours each week. I consider personal tutoring to be one of the keys to effective teaching.

Here are some student comments or messages about my teaching and tutoring:

Mr. Myers is a very enthusiastic teacher who cares a lot about his students. It is very refreshing to have a teacher like Mr. Myers. He made me want to do better and try harder b/c I knew that he cared so much. Thank you!

The teacher was one of the nicest guys and I loved how passionate he was about Math and teaching. He was very loyal and dedicated! Email was great b/c I got all my assignments there when I was gone and test preps before every test. Mr. Myer is the BEST!

Instructor was really helpful and loves to help. He rocks! Would recommend to others and would love to take another class!

The instructor was extremely nice and helped his students as much as possible. I really liked how nice he was and how he was always in a good mood. It was very refreshing. I also liked that he brought us food and drinks. I really enjoyed taking this class! :)

Joseph, Thank you so much for all of you help this semester. You were very helpful to me and you really helped me understand the concepts. You are a very generous person and I truly appreciate all of your help.

Thank you for all the effort you have put into teaching this class. It really means a lot. I can tell you really care about the success of each one of us. It gives us a lot of motivation to do well when we know you will be proud of us. :)

I thought the instructor was very enthusiastic, friendly, and knowledgable. The course challenged me intellectually.

The course was challenging. The instructor was wonderful and very respectful and helped anyone and everyone.

It was presented very well. Nothing could be improved. Was willing to give you one on one help. Very good. Enjoyed the class immensely.

Mr. Myers was very kind to us and did everything he could to help us succeed. This was the best math class ever.

Joseph, thank you so much for all of your help this semester. You were very helpful to me and you really helped me understand the concepts. You are a very generous person and I truly appreciate all of your help.

And, here are some selected teaching achievements:

Helped seniors, returning adults, and other nontraditional students complete college algebra requirements by teaching a special evening class incorporating extra review time. Successful completion rate was over 76.2%, compared to a rate of less than 6.7% for the same course taught by a different instructor in 2006.
Completed first year of teaching at Wichita State University with an SPTE teaching quality ranking of 99.6% compared to a median score of 50.0% of over 25,000 college instructors and professors (results obtained and certified by the Social Science Research Lab).
Taught college algebra with the lowest drop rate (0%) of all WSU algebra classes.
SPTE teaching quality ranking increased to 99.9% (highest percentile possible), completed the year with the highest student evaluations of all math faculty, ranging from 97.5% to 99.9% (in comparison to all math and natural sciences course at WSU).
Taught an evening college trigonometry class with a majority of nontraditional students, and yet the lowest drop rate (-9.375%) of all WSU math classes.enrollment actually increased until it reached fire code capacity.
Pioneered and coordinated new "PACE in Eight" curriculum for Friends University in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Business, and Technology.
Developed new Digital Photography and state-of-the-art Computer, Internet, and Web Design courses, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript curriculum and programming.
Taught online math courses for the first time and used experimental teaching methods, thereby improving student engagement by over 450%, compared to norms established by a pool of other online math instructors in the preceding three years.
Taught online math courses for the first time and used experimental teaching methods, thereby improving student engagement by over 450%, compared to norms established by a pool of other online math instructors in the preceding three years.
Directed ADA operations in teaching and supporting challenged and disadvantaged student populations, increasing retention as well as early recruiting of students through fall 2016.
Created a cutting-edge MBA specialization in Business Analytics, combining the most powerful and state-of-the-art tools in statistics, computing, and mathematics to empower effective data-driven decision-making.
Created an incredible Master of Science in Cyber Security program, developing 40 credit hours of Master's-level curriculum and coursework in alignment with future requirements for endoresement as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense.
Promoted to the academic rank of full professor in science and math after three consecutive years of excellent teaching evaluations, with at least one course each year achieving a perfect 5.0 in evaluation metrics.
Elected Faculty Senate Co-Chair, a leadership role among Faculty at an institution of excellence in teaching.
Re-elected Faculty Senate Co-Chair in the same role through completion of years of service for the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics on Faculty Senate at an institution of excellence in teaching.
Score at the 99th percentile on the IDEA student evaluation of teaching effectiveness for course content delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grants and fellowships

Some of my research has been supported in part by


2001.06.24 - Present. Authored over 6,935 daily news articles and editorials, taken over 1,739,543 public interest images, and edited over 2,454 news photo galleries, published by over 421 organizations, including 189 charitable subsidiaries of the nonprofit IITCF, including Kansas Athletes, Athlete City, Picture School, Wichita World, U.S. Institutes, Student Money, Shopping Decisions, Server School, Optimization Theory, National News, Money Business, Image Library, Good Cook, Gameday Solutions, Faster Systems, Critical Thinking, Costs Blog, Camera Cookbook, Business Analytics Blog, and more.

Selected projects completed

Current employment


Public domain computer code contributions to the world

While serving as developer and/or sysadmin and/or webmaster for more than 1,109 organizations and domains since 1999, I have written and contributed computer code in many programming languages to many projects for a multitude of purposes. Companies supported by my public domain code include large U.S. and international businesses, including telephone companies, storage and delivery networks, social networking sites (including Facebook), major browsers (Firefox, etc.), operating system vendors (Apple, FreeBSD, etc.), and more. In particular, my JavaScript rewrite of the MD5 cryptographic checksum is known as the world's fastest and the industry-standard reference implementation.

If I could have one request granted in the realm of computer science, it would be the abandoning of the CRLF sequence as a linebreak in all cases, in favor of the single Unix standard LF character. The useless carriage return, left over from the days of typewriters, is the cause of at least six billion dollars of wasted energy each year in my estimations, not to mention a small yet sinister hidden cost due to its presence within countless protocols on the Internet, plus wasted CPU cycles and a waste of storage too vast for anyone to even comprehend.

Of special interest,...

Kansas 2009-2019 Annual State Track and Field High School Results and Athletic Human Performance Data Analytics Search Engine

Click to view complete Kansas 2019 State High School Track and Field Athlete Data Analytics. All code written and © 2009-2019 by Joseph K. Myers—all rights reserved.

Athlete.City National College Track and Field Athlete Performance Analytics

Athlete.City performs in-depth statistical modeling, data analytics, and ranking on the "athletic amazingness" for United States college track and field's top 500 athletic performances within each major national level, including NCAA Divisions I, II, and II, NAIA, and NJCAA. It also computes unique statistical comparisons across all participating instutions and between the different divisions themselves. Machine learning is used to assess how fantastic every track and field result is in a systematically standardized way that can be compared across all athletes and all events and all divisions. All code written and © 2009-2019 by Joseph K. Myers—all rights reserved.

And if I have time left over...

then I enjoy

Even if I don't have time, I enjoy most of all worshipping and loving God in all that I do, trying to bring others to salvation through Jesus Christ, reading the Bible, delighting in God, hiding God's Word in my heart, and waiting for him to give me all the desires of my heart, ultimately being with Him in Heaven.

Psalms 16:11
Thou wilt shew me the path of life:
in thy presence is fulness of joy;
at thy right hand there are pleasures
for evermore.

About Joseph Myers

Dr. Joseph K. Myers, Ph.D., Professor of Science and Math, is an applied mathematician specializing in inverse problems for partial differential equations. Under Distinguished Professor Victor Isakov, his completed Ph.D. dissertation, Inverse Doping Profile Analysis for Semiconductor Quality Control, was nominated for the CGS/UMI Distinguished Dissertation Award sponsored by the Council of Graduate Schools. His papers have been published in the peer-reviewed journals of Inverse Problems (IOP) and Inverse Problems and Imaging (AIMS). At Friends University, he coordinated 87 math, science, business, and technology classes annually for the Program for Adult College Education (PACE), created 26 new undergraduate courses and 14 graduate courses, developed the MBA Business Analytics concentration, and as project manager created the Master of Science in Cyber Security program and designed nine of its ten courses. Starting during his childhood, Dr. Myers has written public domain computer programs driven by a passion for algorithms and optimization theory, including JavaScript engine code used by Mozilla Firefox, high-speed cryptographic functions used world-wide including by Accenture (Oct 27, 2017), MIT (Nov 7, 2015), Facebook (Dec. 2, 2012), etc., conformal mapping for true-hue color brightening, athletic analytics for all national divisions of college track and field, CGI software for web app development, and high-speed sorting and encoding algorithms for servers.

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